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EU envoy attacked as death toll in Sudan reaches 200

KHARTOUM: After three days of urban warfare, fighting between the army and paramilitaries in Sudan killed about 200 people, injured 1,800, damaged hospitals, and left medical supplies and food in short supply on Monday.

According to EU top diplomat Josep Borrell, the EU ambassador to Sudan was attacked in his house in Khartoum.

“A few hours ago, the EU Ambassador in Sudan was assaulted in his own residency,” Borrell tweeted, without elaborating on the envoy’s injuries. “Security of diplomatic premises and staff is a primary responsibility of Sudanese authorities and a legal obligation under international law,” he added.

Aidan O’Hara, an experienced Irish diplomat, is the EU’s ambassador to Sudan. Nabila Massrali, an EU spokeswoman, claimed he was “OK” after the incident.

The UN has urged for an urgent ceasefire, and foreign organizations, notably the European Union, have expressed great concern.

A weeks-long power battle between the forces of Sudan’s army leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his deputy, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, who heads the strong paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), erupted into deadly violence on Saturday.

Battles have also erupted across the large country, raising concerns about regional spillover. Residents in the capital are terrified as tanks rumble through the streets, buildings quake, and smoke from fighting-related fires hangs in the air.

Air attacks, artillery, and heavy gunfire have all been used in the fight.
Those who must go out encounter long lines for bread and gasoline at stores that are not closed. Residents are also experiencing power outages.

In a closed-door session, Volker Perthes, the head of the UN mission in Sudan, told the Security Council that at least 185 people had been murdered and another 1,800 had been injured. “It’s a very fluid situation, so it’s difficult to say where the balance is shifting to,” Perthes said after the meeting.

Earlier in the day, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged on the warring parties in Sudan to “immediately cease hostilities.” Further escalation, he warned, “could be devastating for the country and the region.”

Medics in Sudan had previously reported about 100 civilian deaths and “dozens” of fighters from both sides, but the number of casualties was thought to be significantly higher, with many injured unable to reach hospitals.

Fighting had “heavily damaged” many hospitals in Khartoum and other places, the official doctors’ organization warned, with some completely “out of service.”

The World Health Organization has previously warned that several of Khartoum’s nine hospitals that care for injured civilians “have run out of blood, transfusion equipment, intravenous fluids, and other vital supplies.”

Doctors Without Borders reported receiving 136 wounded patients in the western area of Darfur at the only hospital in El Fasher still functional in North Darfur state.

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