Erin Holland rides rickshaw across Lahore, visits Badshahi Mosque

Erin Holland rides rickshaw across Lahore
Erin Holland rides rickshaw across Lahore
Australian model and sportscaster Erin Holland enjoyed the sights of Lahore’s iconic Walled City. She showed her enthusiasm for the distinctive Badshahi Mosque as she took some breathtaking pictures of the historic monument.

Miss World Australia is in Lahore ahead of the upcoming PSL 8 elimination matches. She allocated some time to take a Rickshaw tour of Andaroon Lahore’s well-known locations.

In addition to several photos of herself posing at the mosque’s entrance, Erin Holland also published a gallery of stunning pictures.

She said in the text, “Certain places just make you feel things… One of these is the Baadshahi Mosque. While she captured magnificent images of the historic site’s famed Badshahi Mosque, she expressed her adoration for it.

Erin was able to see the famous Delhi Gate and Andaroon Lahore while donning a gorgeously embroidered jora.

Holland is not only proving to be a terrific PSL presenter, but also a brilliant traveller, showing Pakistan’s cultural diversity to the world. This is due to the fact that many of her global supporters have expressed a desire to visit Pakistan as well.


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