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English team facing indigestion problem even after hiring a chef

English team facing indigestion problem
English team facing indigestion problem

RAWALPINDI: Despite having a personal chef while playing three test matches against Pakistan in Pakistan, the England cricket team is still having stomach issues.

According to information, just five members of the England squad practiced today for the first test match, which begins tomorrow in Rawalpindi, due to sick tummies.

Ben Stokes, the captain of the England squad, missed the press conference and the introduction of the series trophy, therefore Joe Root was sent in his place.

It should be mentioned that the England squad, under the leadership of Ben Stokes, arrived in Pakistan with a team chef due to food safety concerns.

The appointment follows a recap of the limited-overs team’s seven-match T20I series experiences in the country. Players and support personnel said that the cuisine, especially at match locations, was not nearly up to pace, and a few experienced stomachaches at various points during the tour.

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