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Elon Musk make unusual predictions regarding future battles

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, said on Wednesday that future military battles between countries with the technology to mass-produce AI-controlled armed drones would simply be referred to as “the drone wars.”

While participating virtually in the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit in London, Musk argued that AI is not required for whatever humans do, adding that the technology is a “double-edged sword.”

The tech mogul also warned that “if you have a genie who can grant you anything, that presents a danger,” and that governments throughout the world will “first use AI to develop weapons.”

“So just having more advanced weapons on the battlefield that can react faster than any human could is really what AI is capable of,” 51-year-old former CEO of twitter.

“Any future wars between advanced countries, or at the very least countries with drone capability, will be very much drone wars.”

Back in March, Elon Musk was among the other industry executives and CEOs who urged the world to slow the rapid march of AI development, citing grave dangers to mankind and civilization.

Over 1,000 people signed a petition to halt AI development for six months.

The letter came after OpenAI, a San Francisco-based technology startup, published its powerful human-like chatbot ChatGPT-4, prompting a race among digital behemoths to embrace AI technology.
“One of the first places you need to be careful of where AI is used to manipulate public opinion,” Musk stated.

“I think it’s something we need to be on the lookout for in terms of minimizing the impact of AI manipulation,” Tesla Musk said of the US presidential election.

“We certainly take that seriously at Twitter, and I believe we’re putting in all the safeguards to detect large-scale system manipulation.”
Elon Musk is slated to join Twitter Space alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who will announce his presidential run for 2024 on Wednesday.

Former President Donald Trump’s main competitor for the Republican nomination is DeSantis. The governor will outline his future ambitions via an audio conversation with Musk.

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