Elections delay case: CJP says will not give any timeline

Elections delay case: CJP says will not give any timeline
Elections delay case: CJP says will not give any timeline
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) deferred hearing on a petition seeking simultaneous polls across Pakistan on Thursday.

The Supreme Court had invited political parties to resume negotiations on April 26 and come up with a solution by April 27 after providing stakeholders an opportunity to achieve an accord at the previous hearing before Eidul Fitr.

The case was considered by a three-judge panel consisting of Pakistan’s Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, Justice Munib Akhtar, and Justice Ijazul Ahsan.

At the start of the hearing, Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Mansoor Awan told the court that the initial communication between the government and the opposition occurred on April 19, and a meeting was scheduled for April 26.

Federal Ministers Ayaz Sadiq and Khawaja Saad Rafique met with PTI leader and former NA speaker Asad Qaiser, who stated at the meeting that he is not ‘authorized’ for talks, according to the AGP.

He further stated that in yesterday’s meeting, the coalition partners addressed the misgivings of two political parties for discussions with PTI.

CJP Umar Ata Bandial stated that if the government was serious about negotiations, it should have taken action. The Supreme Court just wants the law to be followed in accordance with the constitution, he stressed.

According to the top judge, the government does not want an explanation, but rather a resolution to the problem.

The hearing was later adjourned by the Supreme Court. The CJP stated that the ‘proper’ verdict will be issued during today’s hearing and that the SC will not provide a deadline.

The most recent hearing

The Supreme Court (SC) deferred the hearing of a case demanding simultaneous elections across Pakistan after learning that a meeting between the government and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had been set for April 26.

In its written order, the Supreme Court remarked that it was “impressed” that all political leaders had declared their devotion to the Constitution. It further stated that it will not reverse its decision to choose May 14 as the date for the Punjab elections.

The order stated that the Supreme Court had no objections to the process of negotiating simultaneous general elections. “Holding elections on the same day across the country is a legal and constitutional question,” the statement continued.

It went on to say that all executive authorities were obligated to carry out the decision of the Punjab Assembly election on May 14.

The judgment stated that during the CJP’s meeting with Farooq H Naek and AGP Mansoor, both representatives informed the top justice about talks between the government and opposition.


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