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ECP releases code of conduct for media

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan released a code of conduct for the domestic and international media after the political parties.

No material that is detrimental to the nation’s integrity and the independence of the judiciary would be published or released, the ECP declared in a statement.

The international media has also been told to adhere to the guidelines and submit their visa applications on time.

Remarks intended to undermine national unity and disturb public order won’t be published during the election campaign; the statement continued. That will apply to print media as well as digital and social media.

“Personal attacks, particularly those based on religion, ethnicity, gender, or caste, will be avoided,” it said. Any such complaint will result in legal action being taken.

ECP advised the media to steer clear of any content during the election campaign that “disturbs the peace and order situation on the polling day.”

The ECP asserted that the media shouldn’t participate in a political campaign that is supported by the government and advised the media to get in touch with it to confirm any claims made by one candidate against another.

The ECP also prohibited the media from reporting the results for an hour when the polls closed.

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