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Early election negotiations failed, as per President Alvi

Early election negotiations failed, as per President Alvi

Early election negotiations failed, as per President Alvi voice news pakistan ki awaz
ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi disclosed on Saturday that he tried to find a way for early elections via dialogue between political parties but all his efforts failed to alleviate escalating tensions between the coalition government and the PTI.
President Alvi emphasized the necessity for early elections while speaking to journalists at the Punjab Governor House in Lahore. The president mentioned that he was in touch with the establishment which may bring useful settlement during the current political crisis in the county. The president said that he had previously worked to bridge institutional gaps and added that he wants to maintain the federation’s unity.
The president stated in response to a query that he was working to strengthen relations between Imran Khan and the establishment. The president declared, “Khan is my leader and a longtime friend,” adding that he does not heed the PTI leader’s counsel before starting a job.
President Alvi emphasized the necessity of reform within the state institutions, stating that “institutions are being utilized politically which are harming the democracy. The president said that there is no harm in discussing the selection of the head of the army chief but that consultation on the appointment of the army chief is not permitted by the constitution.

Pursuing stakeholders Engagement
According to a press release from the President’s Secretariat, President Alvi stated that he had been and was still attempting, in his capacity, to bring stakeholders to a single table, resolve their differences through democratic means of discussion, consultation, and deliberation, and find mutually agreeable solutions on major issues and matters to reduce the political polarization in the greater national interest.
According to the president, the nation needs solid and efficient institutions, and every effort should be made to develop them and provide them with He said that he believed this would help bring down the political fervor for the next general elections, which should be held on a mutually agreed-upon date and in a free, fair, and transparent way. He said that the stakeholders ought to talk about using technology to make elections more efficient, transparent, and fair.
Further, he stated that there were urgent concerns that, in his opinion, needed to be handled with priority, including inflation, the economy, service delivery improvement, and lowering political polarization. the tools they need to carry out their respective duties in line with the constitution.


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