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Dolphin Force personnel arrested for ‘misbehaving’ with family

ISLAMABAD: Four Dolphin Force members were suspended and arrested in Islamabad for misbehaving’ with a family.

The Dolphin Force is making headlines during its first week in the federal capital, as tales of misbehaving with the public emerge.

A family complained about four Dolphin Force cops misbehaving’ at a recreational area in Islamabad. The cops were suspended and later arrested once the complaint was filed.

The case was filed under Police Order at the Ramana police station on grounds of disturbing families in federal capital recreational areas.

It should be mentioned that the Dolphin Force was only recently established in the nation’s capital.

On July 22, the Dolphin Force was established in Islamabad to combat the city’s rising crime rate.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed the establishment of the force in Islamabad.

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