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‘Division’ at top court will be a tragedy for Pakistan: Imran warns

Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), said on Friday that everyone should pray for unity among Supreme Court judges and warned that “division” at the top court would be tragic as rifts erupted over the top court’s ruling in the elections delay case.

Speaking to the media ahead of a hearing at the Lahore High Court (LHC), the former prime minister stated that a schism in the Supreme Court would be a disaster for the country.

“You cannot save the country unless we save the Constitution,” claimed PTI chairman, slamming the government for “running away from elections” and not caring about the Constitution or the law.

Meanwhile, the LHC granted Khan bail in a case filed against him for endangering “army officers’ families.”

During the hearing, Justice Najafi asked Khan’s lawyer if his client would like to appear in court to seek bail.

PTI chief’s counsel said that they intend to seek the relevant court.

“We are leaving for Islamabad on April 18 and intend to surrender to the relevant court,” he continued.

The bail was then extended to April 26 by the court. Justice Ali Baqar Najafi asked PTI head to refer the matter to the appropriate court before the next date.

On April 6, the former prime minister was charged at Islamabad’s Ramna Police Station. Magistrate Manzoor Ahmed filed the complaint.

According to the first information report (FIR), PTI president used “inappropriate language” against military officers in one of his addresses, which violated sections 500, 505, and 138 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

In his plea, PTI head stated that Khan “is completely innocent and has been falsely implicated with ulterior motives and malafide intentions in the above-mentioned case just to tarnish his reputation, harm his growing mandate among the masses, and politically victimize him.”

“As the leader of the largest political party and a victim of such malpractice, the petitioner begs the court’s indulgence in granting protective bail,” the appeal claimed.

According to the deposed prime minister, “a series of false criminal cases have been registered against him, the senior leadership of PTI, and active participants in recent months.”

He went on to say that PTI leaders had previously been badly mistreated and humiliated while detained and that this is yet another effort by state employees.

“That an excessive and unexplained delay of (18) days in filing the instant case is concerning and raises questions about its intent.” “It appears that this time was spent carefully planning and seeking instructions to file a malicious case against the petitioner, solely to satisfy their political opponents,” he claimed in the appeal.

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