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Dissolving Assemblies will be harmful for the Economy, Establishment is more sensible than Politicians: Pervaiz Elahi

Chief Minister Of Punjab Pervaiz Elahi

(Filed By: Zeenat Shehzadi)

Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has said that he told Imran Khan to not to malign  General (R) Bajwa as he is our Benefactor, your Benefactor, PTI’s Benefactor. Fear God, don’t forget his kindness, don’t say anything against him. I’ll not tolerate words against General (R) Bajwa.

While commenting on Gen ( R ) Faiz Hameed, he said that General (R) Faiz Hameed tried to damage us a lot. We supported the extension of Gen Bajwa. Even then, a very strange situation happened, General (R) ) Faiz Hameed called Chairman NAB and said that Parvaiz Elahi and Moonis Elahi should also be brought in, on which we called General (R) Bajwa and complained. He said that it was Imran Khan’s order from behind. After that, he straightened up and made Moonis Elahi the minister. What do PTI think of themselves? are they some avatars, they have come from above? they joked, don’t cross your limits.

Nawaz Sharif and Maryam have the ability to see politics from far. The credit of motorway goes to them.

“Ch. Pervaiz Elahi offered Friday Prayers with Shujat”. And further he said, “I will give a statement in your favour” I have signed the summary a month ago, but dissolving the assemblies will be harmful for the economy. The message has come, he is right, 99 percent of people are against the dissolution of the assembly. I said wait for 12 days and let some things be wrapped up.

Establishment, Military and Judiciary are Neutral. It has been said that the system should run, the National and Provincial Assemblies should complete their term. The establishment is wiser than the politicians.

If the talk of dissolution of assemblies has been repeated, then they have another option, they should impose an Economic Emergency for a year. Pervez Elahi said that General Bajwa was favoring PTI, “The former army chief immensely helped PTI.” If he wanted to get funds from outside, the former army chief used to go himself, met with the Saudi King and Crown Prince. Yes, they brought money from Qatar too.
The Chief Minister of Punjab said that when I became the Chief Minister and after taking the oath, I met Imran Khan in Bani Gala, he said that I will dissolve the assemblies after two or three days. Dissolving it, is in your interest. Imran Khan called us a few days ago in Zaman Park, ‘We have already given you back, now you implement it.’ It’s a big shock for the country and especially for the country, whose economy is already sinking, it will also bring down the stock exchange.

He claimed that the common people who are supporters of PTI also wanted the Assemblies to run, this mandate was given by Imran Khan, we were allies, as according to Fawad Chaudhry, we kept them in their limits. In the same way, Sheikh Rasheed spoke, such actions are hurting, we are working for Imran Khan, so Sheikh Rasheed also benefits, such kind of things should not be said, I have deployed 10 of my servants against him. What do you think, it’s a joke.

He said that when we met here at half past two, even then I advised Imran not to speak against General (R) Bajwa. But No, what Imran Khan did, sitting with me and continuously badmouthing General (R) Bajwa, its really unfair. He said that while sitting in Belgium Gen Bajwa handled the IMF matters. What do PTI think of themselves?

If anyone try to defame Gen ( R ) Bajwa I will speak out at first. Pervez Elahi said that Cheema and his Begum started saying anything any time “You stay in your limits, no one will speak, I don’t tolerate it in the cabinet, since I cleared it on the first day.” While talking about Provincial Minster Sardar Hunain Bahadur, he start speaking non sense against Bajwa while sitting in Cabinet, “I said Get Out” I will not tolerate it at all. He resigned and his resignation immediately accepted. Bajwa is our Benefactor and we will not tolerate anything against him. When we did not support Imran Khan, we always support PTI,  How we get Senate Seats for them , then they straightened up and than Monis Elahi become Provincial Minister.

CM Punjab said PTI and People around Imran Khan were also my haters but only for their political sake they told Imran Khan If Chaudhary Sahib is not made the Chief Minister at this time, then your party will disappear and Muslim League (N) will come. He said that Shahbaz Sharif’s sons are already coming to Pakistan, then Nawaz Sharif will also come after taking a bath. His Platelets has also been completed!

If Gen ( R ) Faiz Hameed was not mislead him, than we have dealt them politely and through Gen Hameed we will not let anyone to sent them to Jail. He claimed that Usman Buzdar had spoiled half of the work, he used to let people in, this Ehsan Faramosh was not even ashamed that his father was lift up by me. He lost the Election of Local Bodies.

Parvaiz Elahi said that Imran Khan has respect, and people love him, He should also be careful. Honor and respect should not be reduced, I see that those who are sincere with him are not being given that position. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court once said that, you bring these things here, why don’t you take them to the Assembly, he added. When asked if he is suggesting Imran Khan to go back to the Assembly? he said that I am not giving him any suggestion, he has to complete his term for the sake of Sindh and not against Punjab.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi announced the Operation of Environment Friendly Hybrid Buses in Lahore and said that 300 Hybrid buses will be purchased for Lahore in the first phase, 200 new Bus Stops will be built in Lahore for the convenience of the people. The 20th meeting of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority was held in which it was decided to buy eco-friendly hybrid buses for Lahore. Ordering to reserve seats for women, special and blind persons in new buses, he said that seats will be allocated near the door of the bus for special and blind persons.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhary Parvez Elahi and MNA Hussain Elahi expressed their heartfelt sympathy and condolences to his son Amir Sultan and the bereaved family on the death of former Minister of State Sahibzada Nazir Sultan at the residence of MNA Amir Sultan in Garh Maharaja area of ​​Jhang.

Talking on this occasion, the Chief Minister of Punjab said that several measures have been taken to provide relief to the people in a short period of time. Members of the National and Provincial Assembly met Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi in which they discussed the progress of the ongoing development program in the constituencies.

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