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Digital census completed in Sindh’s 21 districts

KARACHI: The first-ever digital and overall seventh population and housing census has been conducted in 21 districts throughout Sindh.

According to the details, the population and housing census procedure in 21 districts of Sindh has been finished, and the province has seen a considerable increase since the last census in 2017, topping 54.9 million in total population.

Meanwhile, Karachi, Sindh’s largest city, has surpassed a population of 17.8 million, an increase of more than 1.8 million from the 2017 census.

Furthermore, the census process has been partially completed in two districts, while it is still ongoing in seven other districts and two tehsils.

The authorities have promised that the census process in Karachi will continue till May 15, ensuring that every individual is counted.

It is worth noting that the federal government has failed to complete the digital census procedure for the fifth time and has requested an extension.

The digital census process will now be completed on May 15 after another extension.

The population census was supposed to end in early April, but it was prolonged four times.

The seventh population census, as well as the country’s first digital census, is now ongoing, according to Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal.

According to him, various political parties raised concerns about the digital census, and the administration invited stakeholders to brief them.

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