Did incarcerated Imran Khan write ‘ghost article’ for British publication?

Did incarcerated Imran Khan write 'ghost article' for British publication?

It’s still a mystery why Imran Khan, who is currently in jail, wrote a piece for the British magazine “The Economist.” Both the federal and Punjab governments say it was a “ghost article.” Still, Raoof Hasan, the information secretary for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), says Khan wrote it himself, as quoted by The News.

Police in Punjab’s jail are looking into the matter, but the real question is whether or not an inmate can write a letter or article for any national or international newspaper. Can a prisoner take part in politics while they are locked up? If a prisoner is in Pakistan in 1978, what do the Pakistan Prison Rules 1978 say about their rights? Can they write to or for a foreign publication?

Concerned acting Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi told The News that Adiala Jail is controlled by the Punjab government, so this should be looked into by that government. The caretaker minister said he thought this was a “ghost article” and said, “The federal government will write to The Economist that if Imran Khan sends an article or letter following due process and the jail manual, then it can be published.” But from what I know, he hasn’t written that kind of article, and the foreign magazine lied to its readers. We are making progress and will soon send The Economist a letter.

The News also got in touch with Raoof Hasan, the Information Secretary for the PTI, and asked if the article in question was actually written by Imran Khan.


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