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DG CAA says scanning machines at airport unable to detect ‘ice drugs’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Director General of Civil Aviation acknowledged on Monday that even the most advanced machines deployed at the country’s airports cannot detect ice – Crystal methamphetamine – narcotics.

Senator Hidayatullah presided over a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation, where the DG of Civil Aviation revealed that, unfortunately, even the most advanced machines are unable to detect ice drugs.

Regarding the installation of new scanners at airports and the upgrade of existing ones, the DG CAA warned that even contemporary devices cannot detect ice drugs.

In response, the committee chairman replied, “I don’t know whether ice drug is being imported or exported.”

In response to passenger complaints, airport authorities have advised that CCTV cameras have been placed. travelers have complained of harassment by drug officials who force them to pay bribes, and as a result, desperate travelers end up paying bribes for clearance.

Concerning the new terminal at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, the DG CAA claimed that three bids for the terminal have been received, but it has not yet been handed over to anyone.

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