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Decision on establishment of military courts likely today

ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet is expected to make a decision today (Friday) on the formation of military courts.

Initially, the defense ministry proposed setting up five military courts in Rawalpindi and Lahore to try the suspects apprehended in connection with the May 9 attacks on military sites.

According to sources, the defense and law ministries will inform federal cabinet members about the Army and the Official Secrets Act.

Furthermore, the cabinet will support the decision made at the previous National Security Committee (NSC) meeting.

Earlier this week, the Special Corps Commanders Conference, chaired by COAS General Asim Munir, stated unequivocally that those involved in heinous crimes against military installations and personal/equipment will face justice through trials under Pakistani laws such as the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act.

The Forum decided that culprits, spoilers, and violators who attack military installations and setups will no longer be restrained under any circumstances.

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