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Dar and Blome discuss the devastating flood


Following demonstrations against the stringent policy that evolved into demands for more political liberties, China announced on Wednesday that Covid-19 limits will be loosened countrywide.

The requirement that all positive cases of Covid-19 be isolated in centralized government facilities has been repealed, and some asymptomatic and moderate patients can now quarantine at home.

The National Health Commission recently released new rules that would lower the frequency and scope of PCR testing, which has long been a laborious need in zero-Covid China.

Dar greeted Blome and emphasized the longstanding and solid commercial and trade ties between Pakistan and the US.

The finance minister informed the US ambassador of the ongoing restoration and rehabilitation efforts being made by the current administration in the wake of the disaster. It was also mentioned that the current administration was very concerned about the welfare of the populace and that various actions were being done in this respect.

The government’s plans for income and expenses to satisfy both domestic and international financial responsibilities were explained to the US ambassador by Dar.

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