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Dangerous disease went out of control in Kalat

KALAT: In the city, the injections used to control the disease were ineffective. Acne affects an increasing number of women and children each day. The Kalat Health Department requested assistance in controlling the disease, according to voice news.

Following last year’s floods in Kalat, a Leishmania epidemic spread due to sandfly bites. As a result, a large number of children and adults in the city and various union councils have been affected.

So far, more than 600 patients with this disease have been registered in civil hospitals, according to doctors. The number of injections has decreased as the number of patients has increased. According to health experts, if the sand fly is not controlled immediately, the disease of ringworm may spread to other districts.

Dr. Nasrullah Longo, District Health Officer, stated that “Following last year’s floods in District Kalat, the bite of sand flies will spread shingles disease, for which UNICEF and WHO provided 2500 injections. However, the number of victims is high.”

In addition, 20 to 30 injections are required per affected patient to control leishmaniasis. On this basis, we have more leishmaniasis patients than injections available. Officials ask Bala and donors to “assist us in controlling the disease.”

As the number of Leishmaniasis patients grows by the day, there is a growing concern in the area. The residents of the area have urged the authorities to take immediate action to prevent the annual fever.

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