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CTD arrests seven ‘terrorists’ during IBO

LAHORE: The Counter Terrorist Department (CTD) executed an intelligence-based operation (IBO) on Saturday that was successful in capturing seven terrorists connected to a proscribed group.

The names of the detained people were revealed by CTD officials to be Sher Mohammad, Abdul Khaliq, Ikramullah, and Najeebullah. A number of locations, including Kohat, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, and Sahiwal, saw the capture of the terrorists.

These terrorists, according to CTD officials, were allegedly plotting to attack major figures and vital installations, posing a serious threat to national security.

The CTD was successful in recovering a sizable quantity of suicide jacket manufacturing equipment, guns, and explosives during the operation.

In addition, the Punjab CTD increased efforts to find and eliminate potential security risks by conducting a total of 472 search and combing operations throughout the course of the preceding week.

Over 8,000 people were checked by the Punjab CTD police during these operations, during which 75 suspects were taken into custody.

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