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COVID Cases in China Overload Hospitals

Doctor Howard Bernstein of Beijing noted that in his more than three decades of emergency medicine, he has never encountered anything like this.

He added that patients are coming into his hospital in ever-increasing numbers; practically all of them are older and many are really ill with signs of COVID and pneumonia.
Bernstein’s statement is consistent with similar evidence from medical professionals across China who are struggling to cope after China abruptly changed its previously tight COVID standards last month, which was followed by an outbreak of diseases that spread across the country.

Since the epidemic started in the country’s capital city of Wuhan three years ago, this outbreak is by far the largest to have occurred there. In this month’s high demand, Beijing’s government hospitals and crematoriums have also struggled.

At the conclusion of a “stressful” shift at the privately run Beijing United Family Institution in the east of the city, Bernstein told Reuters that “the hospital is completely overburdened from top to bottom.”

He declared that the intensive care unit (ICU), emergency room, fever clinic, and other wards were all filled.

Bernstein saw hundreds of COVID patients every day in the last month, up from none. In all honesty, I believe that we were just unprepared for this, he remarked.

The chief medical officer of the exclusive Raffles Hospital in Beijing, Sonia Jutard-Bourreau, 48, said that patient volumes are five to six times more than usual and that patients’ average ages have risen by nearly 40 years to over 70 in only the past week.

She added, “It’s always the same profile.” That is, the majority of the patients are unvaccinated.

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