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Court orders to initiate treatment of Transgender suffering from HIV/AIDs

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court issued orders to the Civil Hospital management on Wednesday, directing them to begin treatment of transgender HIV/AIDS patients as soon as possible.

According to the information, a case involving the non-treatment of Khwaja Sira in a civil hospital suffering from HIV/AIDS was heard in Sindh High Court, emphasizing the critical necessity for rapid attention to these individuals’ healthcare needs.

In response to the urgent situation, the court issued a clear directive to the Civil Hospital management, demanding that HIV/AIDS patients be treated as soon as possible.

Throughout the hearings, the court displayed concern for the patients and interacted with the Civil Hospital representative empathically, saying, “We do not want to inconvenience you again.”

The court also requested a report on implementation from the Secretary of Health following the summer holiday.

Dr. Harish Kumar, Additional Superintendent of Civil institution, claimed that the institution selected a focus person to address the concerns highlighted in the case.

“Please return to Civil Hospital today, we are ready for treatment,” stated Dr. Harish Kumar.

He further claimed that Khuwaja Sira was misled because the hospital administration never considered any type of prejudice in HIV/AIDS treatment.
He stressed that all patients will be given equal attention and care in accordance with established medical norms.

Dr. Kumar replied that the screening phase precedes the actual therapy for HIV-positive patients in response to Justice Yousaf Ali Saeed’s inquiry concerning the precise protocols in place for HIV/AIDS cases.

The court directed the parties involved to contact the authorized focal person at Civil Hospital as soon as possible for the necessary treatment.

The court ordered the focal person to guarantee that the process of initiating therapy for the affected individuals proceeded without discrimination.

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