Costume designer for ‘Emily in Paris’ describes 14,000 clothing items for season 3

Costume designer for 'Emily in Paris' describes 14,000 clothing items for season 3
Costume designer for 'Emily in Paris' describes 14,000 clothing items for season 3

On December 21, Emily in Paris season three debuted on Netflix, and since then, fans have not stopped raving about the show’s famous fashion choices.
The most recent season, which stars Lily Collins as fan favorite Emily Cooper, is similar to previous ones in that it features a lot of unusual and high-fashion costume choices. The show’s creators worked hard to include the finest fashion moments in the current season, according to Emily in Paris costume designer Marylin Fitoussi.
Fitoussi said in an interview with People, “I suppose this season I had even more freedom. There are 14,000 items on the list. On Lily, I believe we performed 43 looks.
The award-winning costume designer was heard saying, “So, we constantly have to propose new ideas, to push the bounds of what we can accomplish,” in a behind-the-scenes video.

Fitoussi talked about how she went about adding new clothing to Emily’s wardrobe, saying that she combined “antique goods with contemporary pieces” to give them a “Parisian tone and touch” while also capturing Emily’s “irreverent” character. Making people feel attractive and using clothing to express tales is kind of a calling, added Fitoussi. “Emily allows me to fully explore this irrational creative side where you get to defy fashion rules, where you get to be yourself and feel distinct and unique and to validate it,” says the author.
Netflix is presently offering the third season of Emily in Paris.


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