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To establish loss and damage fund during COP 27 is a significant decision: PM

COP 27 Summit at Egypt 2022

To establish loss and damage fund by Climate change is a significant decision: PM

SHARM EL-SHEIKH: On Sunday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif said that establish of “loss and damage” fund for developing countries is a first major step of climate justice. On the occasion of the climate change summit COP 27 by United Nations this crucial step was taken in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh.

Sherry Rehman Address to the 27th COP 27th Summit

Earlier of this week, the Climate change minister, Sherry Rehman highlighted the most crucial aspect of cost of climate “inaction” during her address at the 27th summit of climate change held in Egypt.

Sherry Rehman received Highly Appreciate by PM

اب ہر آفت کا پاکستان کو معاوضہ ملے گا

In a tweet made by the prime minister Shehbaz Sharif paid an appreciate to the climate minister Sherry Rehman and her team by working and participating in the COP 27th Summit by United Nation.

Historic Flood Disaster in Pakistan

He said the countries final agreement come as hard-fought which is a crucial step to help those countries which are contributing less in the climate emission but paying more in the form of natural disasters like the heavy rain-fall in the Pakistan causes historic flood destruction.

Damage and Loss fund is not the Solution

Prime Minister highlighted that by establishing this fund and helping to the flood affected countries is a crucial step but not the enough effort to stop the climate emission which are causing the natural disasters in the world especially in the developing countries. So, he emphasizes to take another crucial step to stop the natural disasters causing by climate change.

Senator Sherry Rehman Tweeted

The senator and climate minister Sherry Rehman also tweeted and welcome the first major step of climate justice and reaffirmed the core principle of climate justice.

British Commissioner to Pakistan

Dr. Christian Turner the British High Commissioner to Pakistan also acknowledges the efforts made by Sherry Rehman and said its now time to transform commitments into the actions.

Transitional Committee Formed

A transitional committee was formed by the president which will work on the transitions mad in the 27th summit and it will provide recommendation for transition in the upcoming summit in 2023.

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