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Golden Jubilee of 1973 constitution: SBP issues Rs50 commemorative coin

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued an Rs50 commemorative coin on Friday to mark the golden anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s 1973 Constitution.

According to an official press release released on Thursday, the commemorative coin will be available from April 14 at the exchange counters of all SBP’s Banking Services Corporation field offices.

“The Constitution of Pakistan was passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan on April 10, 1973, and is therefore also known as the 1973 Constitution, and the year 2023 marks the Golden Jubilee of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” the SBP stated.

“It is Pakistan’s supreme law, intended to guide Pakistan’s law, political culture, and system.” It defines the boundaries of the state and serves to enshrine and safeguard the people’s fundamental rights, ensuring the safety of all Pakistanis.

“To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Federal Government has authorized the State Bank of Pakistan to issue an Rs.50 Commemorative Coin.”

The coin has a diameter of 30.0 mm, a weight of 13.5 grams, and is made of Cupro-Nickel metal, which is 75% copper and 25% nickel.

The waxing crescent moon and five-pointed star on the front of the coin are rising in the North West direction. They are in the middle of the coin, encircled by the inscription “Islami Jamhuria Pakistan” in Urdu script.

An extra inscription occurs above the crescent and star, while the year of issue, 2023, appears below the crescent, along with two upwardly bent sprigs of wheat. The numeral “50” is prominently shown to the right of the crescent star as the coin’s face value, while the word “Rupia” in Urdu script is printed to the left of the crescent star.

In the middle of the coin is an illustration of the book “The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan” in English script. Along with the periphery, the top of the image features an inscription in Urdu calligraphy that says “Golden Jubilee of the Constitution of Pakistan.”

The years 1973-2023 are inscribed in numerals beneath the image to represent the span of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, as well as the periphery. The creative numeral wording “50” is displayed to the right of the photo, while the word “Year” in Urdu script is inscribed on the left side of the picture.

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