Colombia’s Barranquilla stripped of 2027 Pan Am Games

Colombia's Barranquilla stripped of 2027 Pan Am Games

Authorities from Panam Sports said on Wednesday that Barranquilla lost its bid to host the 2027 Pan American Games because it didn’t follow through on its promises.

In a statement, Panam Sports said that Barranquilla had been kicked out because of “several breaches” of the host city contract by the executive committee. The breached things were not said by Panam Sports.

When the Colombian government asked for more time to follow through on the deal in late October, it was a sign that the Barranquilla Games were in trouble. Panam Sports set new due dates for December 30, 2023, and January 30, 2024.

Without hearing back from the hosts by the first date, Panam Sports said it had no choice but to take Barranquilla off the list of hosts. Panam Sports didn’t say which cities were ready to host the 2027 Games.

“Panam Sports profoundly regrets this situation but has made this decision with the future of the greatest multi-sport event of the Americas and the athletes of the continent in mind,” stated Panam Sports. The move casts yet another dark shadow over the future of multi-sport games in the region.

The Australian state of Victoria pulled out as a host for the 2026 Commonwealth Games last year because it was expected that the costs would go over budget.

Finding ways to bring relevance and interest to a competition that is becoming less important is still a challenge, since fewer towns want to bid for the Games and top athletes are skipping them.


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