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CM Punjab promises to support the PTI’s plan to dissolve the PA

CM Punjab
CM Punjab

As the opposition in the provincial parliament considers measures to topple the PTI-PML-Q-led coalition government in the state, Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi has told PTI Chairman Imran Khan that the PTI will stand with him.

Khan, who last week called off his long march to Islamabad, has announced quitting rallies around the nation, including in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The dissolution of legislatures in both provinces has been authorized by the party leadership, according to PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry, but the final decision will be taken following more deliberations.

Elahi reiterated his commitment to Khan during their meeting on Thursday at the PTI leader’s mansion in Lahore and emphasized that he “owed” the former prime minister the Punjab Assembly.

Elahi ensures Khan supports his decision

Elahi stated that he will continue to back all of the PTI chief’s decisions and will not “hesitate for a second” when Khan instructs him to dissolve the legislature.

As he criticized the opposition for asserting that they were in communication with the government’s MPs, he warned that those responsible for spreading false information within the PTI and PML-Q camps will “fail again.”

CM Elahi declared, “Imran Khan is vital,” and he urged the opposition to bring forth a resolution of no confidence in him. They have already failed and will do so again.

CM says the opposition lacked the required numbers

The PML-Q leader claimed that if the opposition believes it can topple the Punjab administration, it is “daydreaming.” He continued by saying that the opposition lacked the necessary numbers.”The governor’s rule is not permitted when the Punjab Assembly is in session. My sincere recommendation to the opposition is to read the business rules.”

“Regardless of what Imran Khan says, I will act immediately. I will devote my life to Imran Khan, even though the Punjab Assembly is a minor affair “declared the chief minister.

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