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China declares a widespread relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions

Following demonstrations against the stringent policy that evolved into demands for more political liberties, China announced on Wednesday that Covid-19 limits will be loosened countrywide.

The requirement that all positive cases of Covid-19 be isolated in centralized government facilities has been repealed, and some asymptomatic and moderate patients can now quarantine at home.

The National Health Commission recently released new rules that would lower the frequency and scope of PCR testing, which has long been a laborious need in zero-Covid China.

Lockdowns will also be reduced, and those with milder symptoms of Covid may isolate at home rather than in centralized government facilities.

Additionally, save for “nursing homes, medical institutions, kindergartens, middle and high schools,” users will no longer need to display a green health code on their phones to access public buildings and areas. The new regulations do away with the mandatory quarantines for those who have mild illnesses or no symptoms.

The revised guidelines said that “asymptomatic infected patients and mild cases who are eligible for home isolation are often isolated at home, or they can voluntarily elect centralized isolation for treatment.”

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