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 ChatGPT will be capable of responding to WhatsApp messages

Many people dislike texting and become irritated when they have to respond to one. This is where ChatGPT can help to WhatsApp users.

According to a story in India Today, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence software can now react to WhatsApp messages on your behalf without seeming robotic.

In response to instructions, ChatGPT can produce articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry. In late November, OpenAI, a private firm supported by Microsoft Corp., made it freely accessible to the general public.

There isn’t a built-in tab for ChatGPT in the Meta-owned app, but users can utilize GitHub to link the chatbot with the messaging service.

Once the chatbot is integrated, it will be able to respond to messages on your behalf, and users won’t be able to tell the difference between a message written by a human and one that was generated by a machine.

Developer Daniel Gross has written a Python script that enables users to react to WhatsApp messages using the AI-powered chatbot.

“You must download a language library from a website that has the required files in order to use the Python script. You must run the “server.py” file after opening the “WhatsApp-got-main” file and downloading the language library. The process of setting up ChatGPT on WhatsApp will start with this “the report said.

“You must type “Is” and press Enter to start the server. Next, select “python server.py” once it has started. Your phone number will be instantly added to the OpenAI chat page as a result. Then, in order to prove that you are a human and not a robot, you must click the “Confirm I am a human” box “That was an ad.

Users can find ChatGPT on their WhatsApp accounts after completing all these processes.

Although this is a really intriguing feature, neither OpenAI nor Meta have made it formally available on the platforms.

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