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Camilla, the wife of King Charles, betrays a long-standing royal custom

As she introduces her new top staff, Queen Consort Camilla, the wife of King Charles, is said to have abandoned centuries-old royal custom.

The late Queen Elizabeth kept to the custom.

According to Reuters, Camilla has chosen six formal ladies-in-waiting since she “did not want or need” them.

In her new position, she has identified a group of pals who will provide her with “support and companionship.”

Queen does not require 6 ladies’ companionship

According to The Sunday Times and Reuters, “Ladies-in-waiting were neither desired nor required by the Queen Consort, and the Queen’s companions will henceforth play a new function. They are there to help and entertain Her Majesty. It is good to have a dependable friend by your side at the conclusion of a hard day.”

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