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CAA fires employee for making a blasphemy threat

An employee of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been fired after reportedly threatening to file blasphemy charges against a female Christian security officer over a parking dispute in Karachi.

The event at Karachi airport was captured on camera, and it appears that a male security guard was reprimanded for letting a friend’s car pass past security without a vehicle pass.

The guy allegedly threatened to accuse the female police officer of blasphemy and threatened to “call preachers… I’ll rip you apart because I’m furious.
The female officer can be heard calling the man out for allegedly threatening to file a blasphemy complaint against her and challenging him to do so.

The incident’s viral video on social media drew criticism and censure. The CAA spokeswoman stated in a statement that the argument took place on Thursday and that officials were aware of the situation. The statement said that the CAA employee had been fired and a thorough inquiry had been mandated.
Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of the PPP, expressed “strict notice” of the occurrence and criticized the accusation that the female security guard was being prevented from carrying out her responsibilities.

Zardari commanded the federal and provincial governments to safeguard the female security guard, noting that certain individuals wished to defame Pakistan by using its religion.

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