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‘Broader’ US objective is to stop terrorists from using Afghanistan as a base to strike Pakistan: Price, Ned



The US State Department has expressed fear that the Taliban-run nation would once more become a haven for extremists while threatening to take action if foreign terrorists reassemble in Afghanistan.

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the US State Department, brought up the issues during a news conference in light of the increasing security situation in the area following an attack on the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul.

He said that the Taliban had also broken its counter-terrorism obligations.

“Additionally, we are not completely dependent on the Taliban thanks to our counterterrorism capabilities in the area. With the recent assassination of the now-deceased al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, we put those capabilities to the test and fulfilled President Biden’s promise, which you have heard repeatedly since the withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan last year, that we will act if we notice international terrorists regrouping there. We’ll operate in a way that safeguards our interests.”

Ned Price stated that the US’s overarching objective is to prevent terrorists and other enemies from using Afghanistan as a jumping-off point for strikes against Pakistan.

“Of course, we’ve also observed activity from other groups. Among other things, you referenced the TTP. We are committed to doing everything we can to combat the threat of terrorism in the area, as well as the threat that goes well beyond the region, in cooperation with our regional partners, particularly Pakistan.”

Pakistan is a significant partner in many ways, the official stated when questioned about the security collaboration with Islamabad.

According to him, Pakistan receives financial support from the International Military Education and Training program, which offers professional military education, operational and technical courses that bolster Pakistan’s own defenses against threats like counterterrorism and insurgency, as well as training programs that boost institutional capacity and resource management. It has improved military cooperation between our two nations.

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