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Brave cop arrests dacoits after gunfight in Karachi

KARACHI: On Sunday, a video leaked showing a brave cop apprehending two dacoits following a gunfight along Karsaz Road in Karachi.

The gunfight between the dacoits and the Karachi police officer took place near Karsaz Road, near the Bahadurabad police station.

The gunfire took place between the criminals and the cop on motorcycles.

According to sources, the cop began pursuing suspects who were fleeing after a heist. The cop opened fire on the dacoits’ motorcycle tyres.

The robbers surrendered to the cop, who recovered two firearms from them.

A bystander filmed the gunfight from his automobile.

Three alleged dacoits were killed and a cop was injured in a shootout outside KDA Society in Karachi’s Korangi district in January.

A gunfight broke out between a police team and armed dacoits in Karachi’s Korangi neighborhood. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Korangi Sajid Sadozai told the media that an officer was hurt in the firing by the armed dacoits.

He claimed that after the police unit retaliated, two dacoits were slain and another was arrested in critical condition. According to Sadozai, the armed individuals were allegedly mugging citizens before fleeing the scene and opening fire as a police unit arrived.

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