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Bilawal warns West over Afghan terrorism consequences

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari urged the international community on Saturday to assist the Afghan interim authorities in building their capacity to deal with terrorism threats.

The foreign minister was speaking on a panel at the Munich Security Conference.

He stated that the international community expected the Afghan interim government to fulfill its obligations and commitments in areas such as women’s education, all-inclusive government, and combating potential terrorist threats emanating from terrorist groups such as Daesh, TTP, and al Qaeda.

According to the minister, if the issue is not taken seriously, terrorist groups may conduct terrorist activities from Afghanistan, as evidenced by recent incidents in Pakistan.

According to him, the interim government lacked a standing army, a counter-terrorism force, and even a border force.

According to Bilawal, the international community should persuade the Afghan interim government to confront the threat of terrorism and demonstrate its resolve.

Terrorism posed a threat not only to Afghanistan’s immediate neighbors but also to the West, he warned.

Pakistan had previously assisted Afghanistan and would continue to do so because it had hosted the greatest number of Afghan refugees on its soil, he said, adding that the international community could not wash its hands and turn its backs on Afghanistan.

He emphasized that the international community should continue to provide humanitarian assistance, unfreeze Afghan assets, open banking channels, and engage with the Taliban, society, and women.

The foreign minister reiterated that a peaceful Afghanistan is critical to the region’s stability and that the international community must play a role in this regard.

He added that the Afghan interim government had promised to eradicate terrorism from its soil.

The foreign minister went on to say that the continuation of economic activities and progress in war-torn Afghanistan was essential for peace and stability and that it would assist the interim Afghan authorities in running the country’s affairs.

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