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Bilawal hints at quitting govt if promises not fulfilled

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and foreign minister, expressed grave reservations about the ongoing census on Sunday. He claimed that while his party supported the digital enumeration, it disagreed with the way it was being conducted.

Bilawal challenged the Centre to keep its promise to the flood-affected populace otherwise PPP would leave the government as he spoke at the Chief Minister House at the launch of the seed subsidy scheme for growers.

PPP can support a legitimate and scientific census, but not this methodology. Bilawal addressed the occasion and said, “We cannot endorse such a census. Yet, he said that the Centre “had no solution to our issues”.

He continued by saying that the only province with concerns about the census was Sindh. “I’ll discuss the census with the Center. We won’t accept the results [if there are any anomalies],”PPP leader declared. He said, “We had concerns about the 2017 census.

“Sindh’s population was significantly lower than that of other provinces. Sindh will not back the federal government if it does not address PPP’s concerns this time.

PPP leader likewise urged the Shehbaz Sharif-led federal administration to keep its promises to Sindh’s residents during the floods.

He cautioned that it would be challenging for PPP to continue serving as ministers if the pledges made to the flood victims were not kept.

If the federation keeps the flood victims in Sindh and Punjab at the top of its priority list, a good message will be conveyed. People will question us if the Center doesn’t keep its pledges to the flood victims, he said.

“It will be very difficult to maintain our mission in such a circumstance. As a result, the issue would be brought up in both the National Assembly and the federal cabinet, Bilawal said at the occasion. “The government of Sindh is assisting flood victims.”

Inflation, according to Bilawal, is the country’s biggest issue, and the state of the law and order is equally concerning. He did express hope that PPP could overcome these problems, though.

He said, “The real problems need to be solved. “PPP is making efforts to boost the economy and create jobs. Peoples Party has the answer to the nation’s economic problems.

He emphasized the importance of agriculture and called for further investment in Pakistan’s agricultural industry. He continued by saying that the nation could not achieve its agricultural needs without aiding the agriculture sector.

If the agriculture industry is not supported, how will we be able to meet our needs? How will Pakistan become an agricultural nation if they do not invest in it? The agricultural sector should be the main area of concentration for economic growth.

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was made fun of by Bilawal for his divisive and hateful politics. He said that a “political rat is hiding under the bed” at Zaman Park without giving his identity.

He added, “A rat is running around with discomfort in his leg. “Politicians like Khan Sahib sowed discord and hostility in the political sphere. We should concentrate on the economic rather than the political rat, PPP chairman continued.

In his closing remarks, Bilawal stated that the high inflation rate was causing problems for all facets of society. PPP, he added, had no beef with the “selectors” and was instead striving to revive the economy.

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