Biden on defense after secret documents discovered at his home

Biden on defense secret documents discovered at his home
Biden on defense secret documents discovered at his home

US Vice President Joe Biden revealed on Thursday that “a small number” of sensitive documents had been discovered at his home. This sparked calls for a congressional probe into the suspected improper handling of government documents, and it also sparked outrage.
While authorities were looking into a much greater controversy involving Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, the potentially damaging finding for Biden was made.

The Obama-Biden administration papers were discovered at Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, after other records of a similar nature were discovered at a Washington think tank where Biden had previously held an office.
After leaving the White House in 2021, former President Trump accumulated an enormous amount of paperwork at his Florida home, which the FBI eventually carted away after executing a search order in August. Trump might be charged for obstructing the legal system.

For a president who prides himself on having high moral standards, the finding of documents at Biden’s home is politically hard, and it may also make the Trump investigation more difficult.

People are aware that I take the seriousness of sensitive information and material seriously, Biden said to reporters on Thursday.
“We are completely and totally complying with the Justice Department’s investigation. My attorneys evaluated other locations where records from my tenure as vice president were kept as part of that process, and they ended the review last night.

“They found a modest number of classified documents in my home’s storage rooms and filing cabinets, as well as in my personal library.

“The Department of Justice was informed right away… We’ll watch how everything plays out, he continued, unwilling to answer press inquiries that were screamed at him.
Kevin McCarthy, the speaker of the Republican-controlled House, insisted that “Congress has to investigate this,” referring to the Justice Department’s inquiry of Trump.

When will the FBI search Joe Biden’s numerous residences, possibly even the White House, asked Trump earlier on his social media platform Truth Social.
According to Biden’s team, if any errors were found in his official documents, the administration took prompt action to correct them.

The National Archives, which is responsible for handling all such papers, was given the initial batch of documents after they were found at Biden’s former office at the Penn Biden Centre think tank last November, according to the White House counsel’s office.


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