Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez argue over jewelry?

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez argue over jewelry?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may not have had a great start to their New Year’s trips.

The couple is staying at St. Barts, a famous vacation spot for celebrities. While they were window shopping, they looked like they were having a busy day.

A picture from Daily Mail shows Jennifer and Ben at a high-end store, where they look at expensive Bulgari jewellery and seem to be fighting.

The outlet said that the actor who plays Batman “looked angry and threw his hands in the air” while the singer sat next to him and tried on different pieces of jewellery.

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They went on vacation after having a holiday party at their house where stars like Michael B. Jordan and Margot Robbie were guests.

Radar Online was told by a source that Matt Damon, Ben’s close friend and fellow actor, does not like his new relationship with Jennifer.

“From the start, Matt has had major doubts about Jennifer 2.0. The source said, “He’s tried to be supportive in public for Ben’s sake, but he hates how J. Lo treats his friend and can’t hold his tongue any longer.”


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