Aviation ministry’s website hacked

ویب سائٹ ہیک کر لی گئی۔

The website of the aviation ministry was compromised, leading to the publication of a variety of messages written in an unknown language. Experts in IT temporarily took the site down and then brought it back up.

A ministry spokesman has confirmed the news, adding that the restoration effort by IT specialists has begun.

In July, a cyberattack was launched on the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) website, prompting authorities to issue a security warning.

After a cyber attack on the ECP’s website, security alerts were issued telling election commission employees to disregard any emails from addresses they do not recognise.

As early as March, the Supreme Court’s (SC) official website was compromised by hackers, who then posted the statement “Our spring sale has started” on the site.

The SC website was quickly repaired by concerned IT professionals.


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