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Attack on rally drivers leaves 10 dead in Mexico

Authorities reported at least ten people were killed and nine were injured on Saturday when gunmen attacked a gathering of amateur rally drivers in the northern Mexican town of Ensenada, near the US border.

The race participants were parked on the side of a highway when a group of males stepped out of a pickup truck and opened fire.

According to Ensenada authorities, the attack “left nine people wounded and ten people dead.”

According to the statement, the prosecutor’s office of the state of Baja California, where Ensenada is located and has been badly hit by drug violence, has formed a “special investigation group” to identify the killers and discover the motives for the killing.

Some of the injured received emergency care before being moved to hospitals in Ensenada, a city of 440,000 people.

Baja California is one of the Mexican states with the highest number of deliberate homicides, with the authorities attributing the bulk to violence between organized crime organizations.

According to government data, 721 killings occurred there between January and April.

Baja California and five other states accounted for roughly half of the country’s 9,912 killings during the same time period.

Since 2006, when the government launched a contentious anti-drug war with the help of the US and the participation of Mexican military forces, violence in Mexico has killed almost 400,000 people and disappeared tens of thousands.

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