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America prepares for the coldest Christmas Eve ever

Snow Falling in America

Bomb cyclone is to bring record-low temperatures to Florida, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, while the thermometer in Montana National Park breaks due to severe cold and 12 people are killed by weather-related disasters.

As the nation headed into the Christmas holiday weekend, millions of Americans were shivering as forecasts called for record-low temperatures.
Forecasters anticipate that Christmas Eve will be the coldest ever in Tallahassee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.
5,000 flights had been canceled as of Friday night, with Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Detroit airports being particularly badly struck.

There were 100 recorded automobile crashes close to the Canadian city of London, while a 50-car pileup in Ohio claimed four lives.

Millions were affected by the blackouts, which were reported from Maine to North Carolina, as well as in Tennessee, sections of Brooklyn, and Queens.


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