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Alvi demands an explanation for the prohibition on women worshipping in the main hall of the Faisal Mosque


President Dr. Arif Alvi has enquired of officials why women are not allowed to enter the main hall of the Faisal Mosque or conduct prayers.

The president declared his support for allowing women to attend the main hall to see the stunning architecture of this beautiful mosque and to pray in an enclosure there.

According to a statement released by the Presidency on Tuesday, he remarked, “This is my perspective and is based upon observation around the world, including the HarmainSharifain.”

According to President Alvi, women may pray in mosques across the world as long as they are dressed modestly according to Islamic law and have their hair covered. But he said that there were no limitations on women’s ability to pray and enter the Faisal Mosque’s main hall, which is both a religious site and a popular tourist destination.

He claimed that because there was no enclosure for women in the main hall and no elevator, older or ill ladies had to use the stairs to go to the enclosure on the first floor. He voiced worry about how women would be able to pray with these limitations in place.

The CDA claimed in its report to the President Secretariat that it had taken steps to ensure cleanliness, perform maintenance, and clear the area of beggars, but Dawah Academy, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) policy stated that only one gallery was set aside for women after the mosque was built, and women were not allowed to enter the main hall. The statement stated that the president has asked for the administrator of the Faisal Mosque to address and brief on these problems.

Two departments of the CDA and Dawah Academy of the IIUI were allegedly involved in the affairs of the Faisal Mosque, according to a source in the presidency. The president had demanded an explanation for why women were not permitted to use the main hall. According to the source, the president might request that the ban be lifted after receiving reports from the relevant authorities.

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