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Aima Baig reveals once a 72-years old man offered her date

Aima Baig, a Pakistani pop artist, recalled a humorous event in which she was invited out on a “pineapple pancakes” date by a 72-year-old man while she was in Ohio.

During a podcast hosted by YouTuber Shahveer Jafry, the 28-year-old singer discussed her romances and the problems in her life.

“I was asked for a date over the phone by a 72-year-old man who thought I lived in Ohio.” “He offered me pineapple pancakes for breakfast,” the singer explained.

Aima expressed her curiosity over the man’s insistence on bringing her out on a date for pineapple pancakes, noting that she had never eaten them before.

During the interview, the pop sensation also disclosed that when she was 16, she worked at a call center and sold cable connections to individuals in the United States.

Aima’s career began with the comedy show Mazaaq Raat. She climbed the success ladder and is now one of Pakistan’s most successful singers; people love her voice in OSTs and films, and her concerts are sold out; so, Aima has gone a long way, and the world has witnessed her trip.

According to the Washmallay singer, while this revelation was unique, only one person in the industry was aware of her situation – Mahira Khan. She was really offered the role of Shahveer Jafry opposite her in Mahira Khan’s Barwaan Khiladi. However, due to her health, she had to leave at the last minute.

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