AI task force formed for national uplift

AI task force formed for national uplift
AI task force formed for national uplift
ISLAMABAD: Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal constituted a 15-member National Task Force (NTF) on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Friday to achieve national development goals.

“The NTF’s primary goal is to develop a 10-year roadmap for accelerated AI adoption in the business, development, governance, education, and healthcare sectors,” according to a release.

The NTF would be made up of artificial intelligence experts as well as members from the public and business sectors.

The planning minister emphasized the significance of AI for future advancement, adding, “It (AI) will bring transformative changes in the fields of economy, governance, and education.”

He stated that the NTF’s goal was to harness the power of AI for Pakistan’s development and growth while making the advantages available to all segments of society.

Iqbal stated that the establishment of the NTF was part of the government’s commitment to embracing its potential to positively reshape the country’s economic environment.


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