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After the lawsuit win, Kevin spacey returned to film and signed the project

lawsuit win
lawsuit win

After winning a $40 million sexual battery lawsuit, Kevin is returning back to the movie business as he landed a role in an upcoming film.

According to Variety, the 63-year-old House of Cards actor will play the lead role in the upcoming British independent thriller called Control.

According to Variety, Spacey will voice a character in the next film, similar to Kiefer Sutherland’s performance in the 2002 film Phone Booth.

Gene Fallaize wrote and directed Control

The source stated, “Gene Fallaize wrote and directed Control, which depicts the story of a British government official named Stella Simmons who has started a passionate relationship with the Prime Minister.

The announcement follows the ruling that Anthony Rapp’s bombshell case against Spacey was without merit.

Actor’s alleged misconduct

House of Cards, a Netflix series in which he starred, was canceled not long after the actor’s alleged misconduct became public knowledge. Since then, Spacey has avoided the media and the spotlight. In the United States, he won his $40 million sexual battery claim last month.

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