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After seven months, Rashid maintaining relationships with the Establishment

RAWALPINDI: According to Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, leader of the Awami Muslim League, relations with the establishment have begun to improve after a seven-month hiatus.

The former interior minister declared, “Today is a new dawn, new politics, and a new beginning as judo karate is finished,” while addressing a news conference at Lal Haveli here on Friday. All political parties, including mine, have applauded the army leader, stated Rashid.

Imran Khan’s order will put into action: Rashid

“Whatever Imran Khan announces on Saturday during the PTI long march will be put into action. In Rawalpindi, a new chapter in political history is being written.

Imran Khan will decide whether to have a sit-in and demonstration, according to the AML leader, since “the government is a complete failure and the adversary of the impoverished people.” Imran Khan’s life is in danger, and he is the only one who can resolve Pakistan’s economic issues with the help of the populace since the country is on the verge of bankruptcy.

He declared, “We will start election preparations” following the march on Saturday (today).

Ishaq Dar failed to stop inflation

Elections, he said, will be held in April and May because there was no other option, and he urged anybody with a solution to “come forward.” Rashid said that Ishaq Dar, the finance minister, had failed the people, who were suffering from inflation.

He stated that he would not allow the imported government to go after declaring that the 13 political parties’ political graves had been dug.

“The 13 party events are also leaving. Cases from NAB will be recovered. They will all serve further prison time. Imran Khan has the support of Rawalpindi like a rock.

He said that General Qamar Javed Bajwa had also stated how grave the economic position was. “Imran Khan made the best decision in a timely manner, and the president also made the best decision,” the president said.

Rashid claimed he wasn’t in touch with the government for seven months. “Now that I’ve gotten going Imran Khan and I are in agreement. Politics is becoming less important to the military.

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