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Afghan citizen deported for travelling on fake passport

Karachi: The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) immigration wing detained an Afghan traveller travelling to Jeddah on a forged passport.

The FIA immigration wing successfully offloaded an Afghan passenger named Naeem Aryan who was travelling to Jeddah with a Pakistani passport at Peshawar Airport.

According to preliminary findings, the passenger arrived in Pakistan from Afghanistan the day before the flight and want to return.

The passenger was turned over to Peshawar’s FIA Anti-Human Trafficking Circle for further investigation.

The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) immigration personnel offloaded an Afghan woman at Peshawar airport last month while she was boarding a trip to France after her passport was discovered to be forged.

According to an FIA officer, the woman was seized when passengers were being processed for a trip to Paris.

He stated that the passenger’s Afghan passport was discovered to be forged during immigration clearance.

The passenger, identified as Omari Husna by the FIA, was offloaded and transferred to the FIA’s Anti-Human Trafficking Cell for further investigation.

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