According to Usman Peerzada, “We Eloped When She Was 17 and I Was 21.”

According to Usman Peerzada, “We Eloped When She Was 17 and I Was 21.”

Usman Peerzada, a veteran actor, has revealed intimate facts of his marriage to Samina Peerzada, which occurred nearly 50 years ago.

The TV and film veteran said in a recent interview with a regional magazine that he and his now-wife, the actress Samina Peerzada, eloped when he was 21 and she was only 17. We grew up together,” he stated of his wife. We were both extremely young.

The war hero said, “Someone like myself, who would warn his friends against early weddings, I really got married at the age of 21. Age-wise, she was just 17. And off the grid we went and got hitched!
As for family issues, he said, “There were none from my side but Samina’s mom — being a single mother — she wanted me to leave acting.”

This was in response to a question about why they decided to elope and whether there were any concerns from either side of the family. I attempted to persuade her that “it is a very noble profession,” but she wasn’t convinced.

However, Mom insisted that I join the Merchant Marine because, in her own words, “it’s a stable job.” In the future, Peerzada revealed that Samina proposed to him on the final day of filming for a project, just before he was set to leave Karachi.

He told the interviewer that they “went to a friend’s place who was living with his sister, explained the whole scenario to him, and then solemnised our nikah there, with a chef and gardener as the witnesses.” They then delivered a box of sweets to her mother’s door.

At first, she was really angry. The following day, my mother travelled from Lahore to meet her and they discussed the situation. The ‘Mein’ star said, “After a few weeks, we got married according to the rituals.”

It’s worth noting that Usman and Samina Peerzada, veterans of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, tied the knot back in 1975. Both Anum and Amal are their daughters.


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