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About Voice News

Voice News is Pakistan’s first and only mainstream news channel proud to be run independently by young and progressive journalists of Pakistan. The aim of our news media house is to give a voice to the oppressed and the under-represented segments of our society, which includes the voice of young people in Pakistan.

At Voice News, we believe that we can steer our country in the right direction through the voice of young people, who can reclaim the integrity and objectivity of media in Pakistan.

Message from the Chairman​

The sole purpose of establishing and unconditionally supporting Voice News is to foster true journalism in Pakistan which is only possible if working class journalists are provided an uncompromising platform to speak the truth.
The main objective of Voice News is to speak against injustice that is plaguing our society. We pledge to serve as a watchdog to guard issues pertaining to public interest.

About the Executive Director

Hassan Malik is Executive Director of Voice News the leader of our news team, Hassan Malik oversees all aspects of our news coverage, ensuring that we provide accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive reporting on the most important events happening around the world. Our Director believes in the power of journalism to inform and educate, and strives to ensure that our channel serves as a trusted source of news and information for our viewers.

We are proud to have an Executive Director who is not only a skilled journalist, but also a compassionate and empathetic leader. Our Director understands the importance of telling stories that matter, and is committed to ensuring that our coverage reflects the diversity of perspectives and experiences that make up our world.

    Amir Choudary

    Executive Director

      Ahmer Shaheen

      CEO & Chief Editor

        Awais Gillani

        Director Programming

        Aneeq Ali Rana - Director Current Affairs - Voice News

          Aneeque Ali Rana

          Director News, Current Affairs & Head of Output