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A religious scholar in Afghanistan calls on the Taliban to defend women’s rights

According to reports from the Afghan capital, eminent religious scholar and a major figure in Afghanistan’s religious community Sheikh Abdul Hameed encouraged the Taliban government to promote women’s rights on Sunday.

The religious teacher spoke in front of a large crowd in Kabul, telling his followers that Islam has accorded women the “highest degree of respect” in addition to inheritance rights and that Quranic texts reference their functions.

He insisted that both men and women in any community are capable of working at the same level and in all fields, and he added that in Islam, women are seen as having equal abilities to men.

He mentioned the roles played by Hazrat Aisha and Hazrat Khadija, the wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), emphasizing the fact that Hazrat Aisha has related several hadiths from the prophet.

He instructed the responsible authorities to let women play their roles in the development of Afghan society, stating that “in Islamic culture, we cannot neglect women’s responsibilities and involvement in sustainable development.”

Abdul Hameed emphasized that the present administration should clear the path, provide women with the resources to pursue an education, and remove all barriers.

He claimed that excluding women from pursuing higher education and establishing such a norm would not benefit Afghan society.

In addition, the religious expert encouraged the government to avoid being “narrow-minded” when it comes to girls’ education and to prepare the path according to Islamic law rather than taking forceful action against the female populace.

He asserted that Afghan women should be included in the creation of the administration since they are capable of excelling in all spheres of life. He recommended designating Afghan delegates abroad as women ambassadors.

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