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1200 drone cameras will be purchased for Punjab police use in advance security

1200 drone cameras
1200 drone cameras

1200 drone cameras will be purchased for Punjab police use in advance security


The acquisition of 1,200 drone cameras, of which 1000 will go to the police and 200 to different other agencies, was approved by chief minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi on Wednesday. These drone cameras will be used for public safety, surveillance, and relief efforts during natural disasters.

According to the chief minister, drone technology will be used to modernize the policing system throughout the province, and the Punjab Police will get 1,000 drone cameras.

He claims that in addition to guaranteeing proper monitoring of demonstrations and processions during Muharram-ul-Haram and other holy occasions, drone cameras would assist police in combating street crimes and other illegal activities and bring the offenders into the legal system.

In Pakistan, a developing nation, security concerns continue to be one of the biggest problems. Modernizing the security is therefore absolutely required.

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Drones’ capacity to fly, carry an object, and be programmed to do a wide range of functions has made this technology extremely beneficial in many different ways. Drones are beneficial to people, corporations, and government agencies.

The use of drone technology has benefited a wide range of sectors. Social media promotes them for vacation vloggers, the military wants them for contemporary defense and armament, and even the food sector is joining in to make meal delivery quicker and easier. Many professionals are finding it simpler to complete difficult jobs that are much better done with a drone-thanks to-drone technology.

Now the question is whether or not employing drone technology in the Punjab province would improve inspection and security capabilities.

When we discuss inspections, we really able to refer to a wide range of sectors. We might discuss how some circumstances are now a lot safer and simpler to handle than they were previously thanks to the police’s assistance in their work. It also covers services for safety, disaster management, engineering, plumbing, and roofing.

Police may quickly capture crime scenes using a drone, especially in regions that are actively risky for officers to enter, as during a hostage situation. Additionally, it aids them in their research when they are looking in hard-to-reach places. Drones that are designed to operate discreetly can be used effectively to rescue hostages or locate a criminal’s weak spot so that they can be infiltrated to be apprehended.


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